A journey from Java EE to cloud-native microservices

De Punt

About a decade ago, when the world was still all about J2EE and WebSphere application servers, Rabobank introduced a new Online platform with a custom, intentionally self-built, portal framework. Since then our world has changed in many ways. Nobody does portlets anymore; instead we build rich front-end applications backed by services spitting out JSON. Like most of the rest of the world Rabobank moved from waterfall to Agile to DevOps. Microservices came along. Java is no longer the only preferred language on the server. Today, Rabobank is migrating to a new platform based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, that intends to cope with all these changes. In this talk Vincent Oostindiƫ will talk you through a decade of IT at Rabobank Online, of course focusing on the new platform and the underlying technologies used there, like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Services.