Thinking about my doorbell

Cloud Nine

When the White Stripes wrote their song ‘My Doorbell’ back in 2005, they had no idea it was actually about this very presentation and MY doorbell. “Yeah, I’m thinking about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it” And then what?! Well…then I want to ask it who is in front of the door and what emotions that person shows. Now this sounds like a fun DIY project. But I generally suck at these things and most of the times I just drive my family crazy with poorly executed attempts. So how can I make sure this will be any better? Ah well…who cares! So this talk is maybe not so much the next smooth DIY-Home Automation hobby project but it aims to show you the almost infinite capabilities that the Cloud is offering these days and how you can add very powerful compute and processing capabilities, like serverless functions, face detection and recognition, and voice capabilities to your custom designed solutions. So, are you gonna ring it?