Christophe Bouhier

Christophe Bouhier

Software Architect @ Trifork

Christophe is a seasoned veteran in Telecommunications Engineering. He has worked on multiple continents selling, buying, building and running Mobile infrastructure. Christophe started to develop SW for his field , and matured as a SW engineer over the years. As a SW architect at Trifork, Christophe’s attention goes to distributed systems, considering all aspects like scale, security, operation and people required to build and operate for success. “I like to find the right balance between innovative, and proven technology, the composition of a SW system requires each (Open Source) part to be analysed as such. It’s a challenge to get that technology balance right and the team to work with it”. Christophe’s view of SW is that the technology is just one part of the equation. Aspects like people, culture, budget and other constraints are equally important for a project to succeed.

Dancing services: Choreographed architectures with Axon Framework

De Punt

Traditional applications are built on an orchestration principle. There is a ‘conductor’ which initiates requests, collects the responses and provides the answer. An alternative is a choreography whereby no single person or group is instructed during the play. Every participant in the dance, knows what to do at which point in time. In Software, a […]